Traditional Macco Practica

Macco Pratica Features:

  • Professional coffee machine with high-raised or low groups
  • Available with automatic (E) and/or manual (P) dosage, 1 and 2 groups
  • 2 steam wands (for 2 groups Pratica Double Steam) and 1 hot water output
  • Automatic level control for boiler and heating up stage
  • Thermosiphonic heating of coffee groups
  • No-return system of liquids into the boiler and in the steam taps by means of vacuum valves
  • Temperature probe for a constant control of steam boiler pressure
  • Pressure gauge for steam boiler
  • User-friendly display available for automatic dosage 2 groups (Pratica high-raised groups)
  • Wide cup warmer in stainless steel


Traditional Macco Practica

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