About Miami Coffee

Miami Coffee (UK) Ltd. is a national company with its head office located in Glasgow, Scotland.

We supply coffee and tea nationwide; from the most southern parts of England to the northerly Highlands and Islands of Scotland. We don’t have sales people on the road and this, in addition to our great buying power, means we can offer you exceptional prices.

Our product range spans from ground coffee, coffee beans from around the world and ground coffee retail packs, to vending products and hotel supplies. We also sell a massive range of coffee and tea brewing equipment.

We supply to cafes, restaurants, delis and offices – you can also buy our great products for use in the home.

We invite you to try our coffee. Call 0800 587 4115 to request your free sample pack.

We offer customers the choice of 9 different blends of filter coffee at various price levels. All of our filter coffee is packed in cases of 50 sachets, and has been packaged to brew a 3 pint (60 ounce) jug. Adding more or less water than this will affect the taste. We have blended and roasted our coffees specifically to meet the quality and taste requirements of our customers.

When you try our premium 100% Arabica Blends (San Francisco, Continental 60g/75g and 100% Colombian), you will find that our “premium blends” are selling up to £10 below our competitors’ blended filter coffees.

All our espresso blends start with 100% Colombian Arabica beans. Then we combine them with the finest beans from around the world to create our distinctive house blends. Our best-selling Long Island espresso bean includes an Ethiopian Mocca bean giving it a smooth caramel texture. All espresso beans are packaged in kilo bags.


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